This year, Make-A-Wish Singapore will organise four major events, both to raise funds and increase the awareness of our organisation and its mission. Join us as a corporate sponsor and help us pull off these signature events without a hitch. Every bit counts! Advertising and branding opportunities are available. May 4th is the day that Star Wars fans celebrate a day dedicated to the space movie franchise. The internationally unofficial celebration is derived from the pun on the Star Wars catchphrase “May the Force be with you” to “May the 4th be with you”. Every year, thousands of Star Wars fans around the world get together, ardently wish each other and hold exciting Star Wars events. Held during the weekend from 2-3 May, Star Wars fans and cosplay enthusiasts appeared in full force at Suntec City to commemorate the occasion. There were various artwork, photographs and toys up for display during the two-day festival. Make-A-Wish Singapore was chosen as the official beneficiary for this event, with more than $21,000 of proceeds donated from the auction of limited edition merchandise like customized Darth Vader helmets and stage photo opportunities. There were also performances by the Jedi Training group Fightsaber, who conducted a Jedi training on stage. The highlight of the event was the appearance of awe-inspiring 501st Legion Singapore Garrison and Rebel Legion who marched in with the Star Wars theme.

Hold A Fundraiser

You can also hold your own event, whether it's a charity ball, an expedition or an opening bash, to raise funds for the work we do. Get creative! We've found that it's also a great way to get your team bonded. Ferrari owners in Singapore celebrated Christmas at the Fullerton Hotel, raising more than $28,000 for Make-A-Wish Foundation through donations and a silent auction. Wish Children Darius, Gareth and Evan, all of whom had their wishes granted by the club, were invited to feast on an enticing buffet spread filled with Christmas treats and delicacies. They even managed to take a quick spin around the scenic Fullerton Bay area in the super cars! 12-year-old child prodigy, Lauren Yeo also lent her voice to the joyous occasion by performing an impressive repertoire of Christmas carols. Thanks to the generosity and kind support of the Ferrari Owners Club, Make-A-Wish Foundation can continue to help make wishes come true!

Staff Engagement

Nurture a culture of philanthropy in your organisation by getting your staff involved in our work. To do this, they can: - Join our event volunteer programme - Adopt a booth at our Christmas party - Organise an outing for our Wish Children Minions are continuing their quest for world domination! Spun-off from the highly successful movie franchise ‘Despicable Me’, the lovable gibberish-spouting yellow creatures that have stolen hearts all over the word now have their own screen time. Almost 200 Wish Children and their families were treated to the ‘Minions’ movie screening on 20th June. Organised by local laser solution supplier Coherent Singapore Pte Ltd, the beneficiaries were visibly excited about the idea of watching the hilarious sidekicks cook up some action of their own, some even eagerly arriving at the cinema early. There were plenty of smiles as each child received a special goody bag comprising of various Minion merchandise like water bottles, lunch boxes, stationery sets, etc. To complete the entire experience, they were also provided complimentary snacks (popcorn, nachos, and sausages) and drinks to enjoy during their time in the theatre. It wasn’t long before the movie started and the audience were soon tickled by the cute antics of those little heroes. Make-A-Wish would like to thank Coherent Singapore for their generosity, without which we would not have made so many children laugh. As summed up by Wish Child Ezra’s mother, “…My son enjoyed the movie very much, and the gift bag (every item in the bag fascinated him). Thank you very much and God bless you.

Cause-Related Marketing

TAG Heuer unveiled Singapore’s first ever floating tennis platform. Set on the waters of the historic Clifford Pier and with Marina Bay Sands as the backdrop, it was a indeed a picturesque setting for an evening of light-hearted tennis for two Grand Slam Champions, tennis goddess Maria Sharapova and legend Michael Chang. In a charity rally TAG Heuer pledged $100 per rally to Make-A-Wish and a total of $18,800 was raised by the end of the night! Several of our Wish Children were also invited to catch the court action upfront and 8-year-old Joshua even got to present the new Limited EditionSG50 Aquaracer to Sharapova. The five-time world number one then gave him a hug and an autographed HEAD tennis racquet.


You can also consider sponsoring the cost of a specific Wish – the average cost of this at our chapter is $5,000 (excluding in-kind donations and services). For more information, please email [email protected]


Our Ambassadors are prominent individuals from a variety of fields, such as finance and sport, who have committed to helping our Wish Children. They support our fundraising efforts and help raise awareness of the work that we do.