• I wish to be a photographer

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Alex's Wish – Granted on 15 Jun 2017

“I wish to be a photographer”

Alex is relaxed and very focused young man who completed his last treatment a few weeks ago. He has recently returned to school and hopes to be an architect when he enters university! That being said, he's very passionate about photography; being a member of the school photography club and spends his weekend outdoors capturing photos. His wish was to be able to master night-time photography as it was a skill he was still learning to master.

As Alex did not have his own DSLR camera so that was the first thing we had to address! Alex played an active role in letting us know what he was used to and what he felt he would like to try. We also enlisted the help of celebrity photographer Kevin Ou who help to curate the right camera model, an extra ultra-wide lens, carbon-fibre tripod (essential for night photography!) as well as a dry cabinet to keep all his gear when they are not in use.

It was then time for Alex’s private night-time photography masterclass with Kevin. This was held at a roof-top restaurant called LeVeL33 which overlooked Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay skyline. Kevin shared his extensive knowledge about taking sunset photos especially the crucial timings that are so important for taking the magazine perfect images. Alex and Kevin discussed about angles and exposure settings and Alex was invited to explore his new camera to the fullest.

The workshop ended with a walk through the streets to learn how to look at objects and subjects from the perspective of a camera, and how to always be on the lookout for interesting and captivating angles. Alex really learnt a lot about photography that night and even exclaimed that he never thought his wish day would have been so much fun.

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