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Madan's Wish – Granted on 08 Jul 2017

“I wish to have a motorized wheelchair!”

Madan is a 17-year-old boy who was born with several congenital conditions causing him to be wheelchair-bound. He attends regular school and is currently in secondary one. Despite this, he is an extremely sweet boy who worries for his mother and just wants to do her proud.

Madan’s wish was for a motorized wheelchair as given his condition, he is unable to push himself on a manual wheelchair. A motorized one will allow him to be more independent, both at home and school, and not have to always seek help from his mother or friends for simple tasks.

Working closely with Madan’s physiotherapist, customized add-ons were selected such as puncture-proof performance tires with stainless steel rims, proper chest support, and a specialized set-up to give his wheelchair a powerful “engine”.

Once his new ride was ready, a special day out was planned. Madan really wanted the chance to visit Marina Bay Sands as he has heard all about it but never had the chance to visit.

A VIP-hosted trip to the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck and guided tour of the ArtScience Museum was planned so that Madan could experience his new independence. The day ended with a wholesome lunch at Pizzeria Mozza where a special menu was created just for Madan so that he could try as many dishes as possible!

Madan was referred to us by the National University Hospital. His wish was granted on 8 July 2017 and made possible by the kind donation from the Singapore Maritime Officer’s Union.

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