• I wish to be a LEGO designer

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Sage's Wish – Granted on 18 Mar 2017

“I wish to be a LEGO designer”

Sage was diagnosed with maple syrup urine disease from birth. Before he turned four, Sage had two liver transplants, and has to have immunosuppresant drugs for the rest of his life. Due to his late diagnosis, his brain was affected and it caused developmental delay. Sage found solace in playing with LEGO with his brother throughout his liver transplant.

It was no surprise that his wish was to become a LEGO designer. With the help of our volunteers and LEGO Singapore, Sage was ‘hired’ as a LEGO designer and was issued a staff pass and letter of appointment from LEGO.

He was first interviewed by Mr Marcos Bessa, a LEGO designer based in Denmark, who was in Singapore to launch a new product range. After being deemed "qualified" for the position, Sage, his brother Basil, 16, and Mr Bessa spent more than an hour building a spaceship, sharing ideas and laughs in equal measure.

Sage was then tasked by Mr Marcos to build 5 spaceships in 30 days. With his strong desire to help other wish children, Sage donated one of his spaceships to our charity auction to raise funds for more wishes! Martin Berry, our own Make-A-Wish ambassador, made a successful bid of $1,800 and even donated the spaceship back to Sage for him to display next to all his LEGO toys!

I wish to be a gamer and raise funds through livestream to donate to Make-A-Wish & NKF

- Shakeel
Age 15, end-stage renal disease

I wish to have a Star Wars themed party!

- Hiro
Age 9, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

I wish to go to Legoland Japan to ride on Cargo-Ace and Legocars!

- Alasdair
Age 9, pulmonary atresia

I wish to go to Korea

- Anthony
Age 16, Duchenne muscular dystrophy