• I wish to have a Star Wars birthday party

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Lucas's Wish – Granted on 07 Jan 2018

“I wish to have a Star Wars birthday party”

Ever since he was little, Lucas has been a very big fan of Star Wars. Throughout his treatment, he found solace through the characters and the cartoon series.

With his 7th birthday coming up, it was no surprise that he wished for a Star Wars themed birthday party.

A week prior to his wish day, he got to visit a luxury car showroom to pick his ride to his party.

A 4 seater Ferrari was chosen because he wanted his brothers with him too.

Arriving in the party in a red Ferrari at the Sandcrawler, they rode in the fast car with the top down to enjoy the “full” fast car experience. A longer route was also chosen so that they can enjoy the ride for a bit longer.

Special arrangements were made with Disney to hold his birthday party at ‘secret’ spaces in the Sandcrawler that were related to Star Wars. And the family was also treated to an exclusive tour of the Lucasfilm office.

During the party, the 501 squadron made a surprise experience during his party. Lucas was shocked to see Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker right in front of his eyes.

To end off his spectacular day, Lucas got a surprise visit from his favourite character Commander Cody.

I wish to have a Star Wars birthday party

- Lucas
Age 7, leukaemia

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Age 16, cerebral palsy

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