• I wish to have a head-controlled wheelchair

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Elaine's Wish – Granted on 02 Nov 2017

“I wish to have a head-controlled wheelchair”

Elaine is a chatty and ambitious girl who is always keen to learn. Like a typical 16-year-old, Elaine likes going out and shopping. Her mom and helpers would sometimes take trips out to IKEA or to the cinema.

Due to her condition, Elaine is unable to control her hands but is learning to use the computer by using a eye-movement detector. She has seen several eye-controlled and voice-recognition devices and her wish was to have a similar device that would allow her to control her own wheelchair!

It took us close to a year of test trials and product adaptations before we finally identified a head-controlled wheelchair that worked well for Elaine. Elaine then underwent several sessions of training to learn the full functions of her wheelchair before being able to bring it home with her. Since then, Elaine has been relishing in her independence. Her family shares that she is even more confident and chatty now.

We celebrated Elaine’s new-found independence with a special experience on the Singapore Flyer. Coinciding with her birthday (shared with two brothers as they are triplets), the family was treated to a private dining session on the Singapore Flyer, much to Elaine’s delight!

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