• I wish to have a fun day out

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Hazrie's Wish – Granted on 10 Sep 2017

“I wish to have a fun day out”

Hazrie was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, a disorder where kidneys cannot process protein and it leaks into the urine. This causes a host of complications such as swelling. He underwent a kidney transplant last year and has been recovering well.

Like many boys his age, he is a very inquisitive boy and loves to experience something he had never done before! He is also a huge of LEGO!

For his wish realization, we had friendly Ferrari car drivers from the Ferrari Owners’ Club who helped to ferry Hazrie around and make his day more memorable! He was also given a LEGO set as a surprise!

Four Ferraris came to pick him up early in the morning and Hazrie picked the blue Ferrari 599 GTB as it is in his favourite color, blue! They then took a joy ride where Hazrie experienced the speed of the super-fast cars.

Like all of our wish children, Hazrie had been anticipating his wish day for some time. And he would pester his stepmother everyday by asking when is his wish coming true.

To complement his Ferrari experience, he hopped onto an electric drift trike; something that he has always wanted to do! He had lots of fun together with his brother, just going around a track with the trike that is specially designed to drift easily around corners.

Hazrie continue his speed quest as he was whisked away with his Ferrari entourage again to his lunch at the DC Superheroes café. He was so excited about eating special themed meals right next to all his favorite superheroes in the café! He was gifted a special toy by the staff at the café as he was spotted staring at it for quite some time. To conclude his fantastic meal at the restaurant, he received a The Flash t-shirt as well from the café as he is his favorite Superhero.

To end off his spectacular wish day, he was chauffeured to the Piece of Peace exhibition @ Fort Canning Park, which features replicas of UNESCO World Heritage sites built using LEGO. He played a mini-game where he was given pictures of the Heritage sites and had to guess which LEGO set it was. His favorite part was building his very own LEGO set together with his brother and wish granters that he could contribute to the exhibition.

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