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Farhanah's Wish – Granted on 10 Mar 2018

“I wish for an all Apple experience”

Farhanah is a creative and fun-loving girl. She enjoys doing a variety of arts and crafts, especially drawing human portraits, where she gets to express herself as an artist.

Farhanah’s wish was to have an “Apple Experience”, including a MacBook Pro, to do her school work and pursue her passion for digital animation and art.

She and her family were invited to an exclusive tour of the Apple Store on Orchard Road earlier this year. She was warmly greeted by high-fives and big cheers at the door by the team of store staff who stayed on after regular opening hours. and was escorted to a secret Board Room by them, hidden from public eyes.
Like a true VIP, Farhanah was given an exclusive lesson on using Apple products by an Apple specialist and introduced to every Apple product available in the store, from iPads to MacBooks to iPhones.

Farhanah also had the opportunity to learn from another specialist – an in-house designer who gave her a private class on setting up her new laptop and using different softwares to draw on an Apple MacBook.

For someone unfamiliar with using these technologically-advanced drawing tools, Farhanah took no time at all to learn how to use her new digital drawing pad and stylus and soon sketched her first portrait on it!

Armed with her new laptop, Farhanah also browsed for new laptop accessories at the store. Before this exciting day, a dinner party was thrown for Farhanah, her family and friends at Swensen's, complete with many colourful balloons, delicious ice cream sundaes and food.

We wish Farhanah all the best for her future endeavours and hope that our simple gift empowers her to work hard towards her artist dreams!

Farhanah was referred to Make-A-Wish through Children’s Cancer Foundation at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

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