• I wish to watch a World Cup game live with my best friend

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Alec's Wish – Granted on 17 Jun 2018

“I wish to watch a World Cup game live with my best friend”

Alec is a sporty and outgoing young man with a great passion for football. It is no wonder that his wish was to watch a live World Cup match in Russia together with his best friend! Alec is recovering well from the life saving Gift of Life of a liver transplant which was necessary as a young child given his medical diagnosis of Biliary Atresia, a childhood liver disease. Thanks to the generous donation of KRISFlyer miles, he travelled to Russia in June 2018 to watch Germany play against Mexico live at the Kaliningrad stadium along with his beautiful family and his best friend EJ, who inspired his love for the game.

Before the trip, we took Alec and EJ on a shopping spree for new Germany soccer team jerseys as the boys were huge fans of the team. Alec and his family stayed on in Moscow for a short five-day holiday after watching the soccer match to celebrate the momentous trip and Alec’s improving state of health. The historical sights and architectural landmarks in Moscow were beautiful sights to behold, and unforgettable memories were made.

We hope you had the trip of a lifetime with your family and best friend EJ, and wish you all the best as you return to school, the best of health and many more exciting travels to come!

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