• I wish to be a skydiver

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Jarene's Wish

“I wish to be a skydiver”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? To be light, free and aloft?

Our Wish child Jarene, a spritely and bright ten-year old girl, is an avid fan of indoor skydiving. She spends hours at iFly Singapore watching others take flight, so much so that she has become a familiar face among the flight instructors. It comes as no surprise that Jarene’s wish is to be a skydiver! We planned for Jarene to have a fun indoor skydiving birthday party where she would get the chance to jump into the wind tunnel herself and take her first flight.

Before the big party, Jarene had 2 private skydiving lessons at iFly where she learnt new skills and practiced with the flight instructors various body movements to stabalise herself while in mid-air. Big-hearted Jarene also wanted to share this opportunity to fly with her friends as she understood that the feeling of freedom and independence a person could get from indoor skydiving is a priceless gift. The friends she invited included two wheelchair-bound children who suited up during the party and got to experience independence from their wheelchairs and release from the stronghold of gravity that had constantly kept them rooted to the ground. Amazing!

Jarene also put her new skydiving knowledge to good use during a short performance for her party guests, soaring high into the 6-metre tall wind tunnel with grace and ease. This energetic young skydiver was greeted with lots of cheers from her audience as she exited the wind tunnel. Shortly after, Jarene’s friends and family gathered for a spectacular fireworks display, cake cutting and a lovely dinner.

Jarene lives with Moebius Syndrome, a rare neurological condition that primarily affects the muscles that control facial expression and eye movement. However this does not in any way hinder her active lifestyle and living life to the fullest. Dancing, rock climbing and now skydiving are activities she loves and can do competently. The only disability in life is a bad attitude and Jarene has a sparkling one! She inspires us with her tenacity to live, thrive and enjoy life. Her special story is one we hope motivates our other wish children too! Happy birthday once again, Jarene. We are so happy and proud of you!

This wish and all the joyous memories created that day was made possible by the kind people of Ascent Organisation who adopted Jarene’s wish.

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