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Violette's Wish – Granted on 02 Oct 2016

“I wish to meet Princess Sofia”

Even before she turned 3, Violette was already in love with everything related to Princess Sofia from the Disney TV series, Sofia the First. So, it was clear that her one true wish was to meet Princess Sofia in person!

A very special trip was planned for little Violette and her family, with a cheerful Violette giving very specific instructions on what she wanted to do and wear as well as who she wanted to meet. And this was to be her very first family holiday and plane ride!

Violette flew to Hong Kong on Singapore Airlines. Pretty stewardesses and friendly stewards showered her with little toys on board the plane. Violette spent the first two days soaking in Hong Kong where she had a VIP experience at Magical World where she took photographs with popular Disney characters and at Ocean Park where she watched penguins and dolphins up close!

The most memorable moment was when she visited fun-filled Disneyland. After having breakfast with all the Disney characters, Violette went for her special princess makeover to become a Princess Sofia lookalike herself! She had her nails and hair done, put on a mini version of Princess Sofia’s beautiful gown, all in preparation for meeting her favourite TV character in the flesh.

The moment they met was MAGICAL, with Violette getting showered with many hugs and kisses by Princess Sofia who then waves Violette off to enjoy a VIP experience at the Disneyland Theme Park.

After this memorable trip, Violette has composed her own little songs about Princess Sofia and is still on cloud nine.

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