• “I want to visit Universal Studios Japan with my cousins!”

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Jie Qi's Wish

““I want to visit Universal Studios Japan with my cousins!””

Jie Qi is an adventurous and independent teenager living with acute myeloid leukaemia. His love for Japan, Universal Studio and anime helped him to decide on his wish. With a great sense of independence, Jie Qi wanted to go to visit Universal Studio in Japan with his cousins, without his parents taking the lead. After much deliberation, Jie Qi’s parents eventually agreed to let Jie Qi travel overseas with his two cousins.

After Jie Qi’s O-Level examination, the wish granters visited him to discuss his itinerary and he was eager to start planning for his trip in-depth. A few days leading up to the trip, the wish granters surprised Jie Qi with a goodie bag that includes a set of polaroid camera and films for his trip.

Finally, the day to fly off to Japan has arrived. Jie Qi was so excited to embark on this adventure of a lifetime with his cousins.

When he arrived in Osaka, Japan, Jie Qi and his cousins visited the famous The Glico Running Man billboard and had a tour to the Osaka Castle Museum to catch the panoramic view of Osaka Castle. They also attended a Sanuki Udon making class as part of their Airbnb experience.

On the third day of the trip, Jie Qi and his cousins finally made their way to Universal Studios and with the express pass, they managed to enjoy themselves to the fullest for the whole day. His favourite attractions are Harry Potter World, Jurassic Park Ride and the Hollywood Dream roller coaster.

One of his favourite moments is the visit to Nara Park where he was greeted by adorable deers and beautiful autumn trees. Jie Qi and his cousins also had a chance to visit Kyoto and Tokyo during this trip.

This trip has done much more than bringing joy to Jie Qi, it has energised and motivated him to brave through the difficult times of his medical treatments.

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