• “I wish for a Nintendo Switch to take my gaming to the next level.”

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Ikram's Wish

““I wish for a Nintendo Switch to take my gaming to the next level.””

Ikram is 11 years old and he loves gaming and We Bare Bears (especially Grizzly Bear). He is diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and during his treatments, Ikram spent a lot of time playing mobile games as he was unable to go outdoors.

Ikram wished to have a Nintendo Switch with blue and green Joy-Con controllers for his 11th birthday, to take his gaming to the next level.

When the wish granters visited Ikram and his family, it was brought to our attention that Iran has never had a birthday celebration before so the we decided to surprise Ikram with a birthday celebration where he will be presented with his Nintendo Switch.

Together with his mother and ex-teacher, we gathered Ikram’s closest friends and family at the new We Bare Bear-themed cafe to surprise him on his wish day. Ikram was over the moon when he saw all his loved ones waiting for him to celebrate this special day with him. Ikram received several handmade cards and well-wishes from his friends and family, which really lifted his spirits.

After the party, the wish granters joined Ikram at his house where he received his Nintendo Switch. He was so excited and overjoyed when he saw the Nintendo Switch with blue and green Joy-Con controllers as well as other We Bare Bears merchandise to add to his collection.

Thank you to Knud Mohr and his family for adopting Ikram’s wish and creating such an unforgettable experience for him and his family.

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