• I wish for a Spider-Man themed room make-over!

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Faris's Wish

“I wish for a Spider-Man themed room make-over!”

2019 proved to be a very challenging year for Faris. Having been in and out of the ICU countless times, Faris could not wait to start his path to recovery in the comfort of his own room after his last medical appointment.

When asked for his one ultimate wish, Faris had many ideas but there was one which stood out and he was really sure of- that is to have a Spiderman-themed room makeover! During his time in the ICU, Faris knew he was not alone- he was always surrounded by his favourite superheroes, especially Spider-Man. Having watched Spider-Man swing from building to building, he knew he wanted to be just like Spidey when he grows up!

His dedicated volunteers got to work right away designing an awesome Spider-Man themed room with big cupboards to put away all his toys as well. His parents were also consulted and assisted in ensuring that the room was designed to make it easier for them and Faris to move around, including building the bed slightly higher than usual so that they can easily lift Faris onto it.

When the day of the big reveal came, Faris was bursting with excitement. His eyes lit up the moment he was greeted with the most amazing sight ever- a proper Spider-Man themed room! Faris and his siblings were so excited and could hardly wait for bedtime to come so that they can enjoy sleeping in their new room for the first time!

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I wish for a Spider-Man themed room make-over!

- Faris
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