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Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses

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“Together, we create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.”

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“To grant the wish of every eligible child in Singapore.”

The Singapore affiliate started this amazing journey in April 2002, and we’ve granted over 1,500 wishes. We have nine staff in our office and a pool of dedicated volunteers to help us grant wishes and raise funds for our mission. We are part of a global organisation which began in 1980 after a team of people granted the wish of a little boy called Chris in Arizona, whose dream was to be a policeman.

Chris had leukaemia, and he wanted very much to experience his dream. With the help of the local police, Chris wish was granted. He had an amazing day riding in a police helicopter, sworn in as an honorary patrolman, given a specially-made uniform, and a chance to show off his motorcycling skills.

The people involved in his wish were so moved by the experience that they pledged to continue to "share the power of a wish". Since the granting of Chris’ wish, the Make–A-Wish Foundation International has been responsible for making the wishes of over 415,000 children come true.

Misi dan sejarah kita

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Make-A-Wish telah menjadi pengabul-hasrat terbesar di dunia, dan boleh berada di 40 negara meliputi lima benua. Make-A-Wish international berfungsi luar Amerika Syarikat, dan yayasan Make-A-Wish Amerika Syarikat berfungsi untuk kanak-kanak di dalam Amerika Syarikat.


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