• I wish to have a powered wheelchair

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Pio's Wish – Granted on 21 Oct 2017

“I wish to have a powered wheelchair”

Pio is a 13-year-old boy with cerebral palsy & epilepsy. This is a permanent movement disorder that can greatly affect movement, vision, hearing and speaking. He has some cognitive delay and uses a walking aid to walk short distances. He is a happy boy that works diligently on the tasks at hand. Pleasant, charming and very cheerful, Pio will melt your heart when you meet him. He is a fan of football and enjoys eating and cooking. He watches cooking channels and has a love for MRT stations in Singapore although he has yet to take the Downtown Line.

We celebrated Pio’s new found independence with a day out during the first day launch of phase 3 of the Downtown line. During the day out, we did many of Pio’s favourite activities, taking photos at every station, with the station’s name behind him. We travelled to Bedok Reservoir Station and had lunch at a restaurant at Bedok Reservoir with some family friends. There after, Pio and his parents visited a café near Fort Canning Station to decorate cakes, as another favourite activity of his is to watch people cook!

Some milestones he achieved with his new wheelchair included tapping in and out at the station gantries and also being able to move more than 50 metres away from his parents!

I wish to have a wheelchair

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