• I wish to have a room makeover

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Alya's Wish – Granted on 16 Dec 2017

“I wish to have a room makeover”

Alya is a sweet and cheeky three-year-old girl. During our first visit, Alya took some time to warm up to the wish granters, but she immediately showed interest after we presented the Thomas and friends toy to her. During the first visit, Alya’s brother and mother were present. Alya seemed really close to her brother, age 7 years old.

Alya and her brother share a room together and mother mentioned that Alya enjoys playing in the room with her brother. However, the room was rather cluttered as there were insufficient storage spaces. Hence, in consideration of Alya’s best interest, mother suggested that a roommake over would be most beneficial for Alya.

The wish granters contacted Viviere Design Concept for the renovation work and the company kindly agreed to work within the budget given by Make-A-Wish. We shared with them about the storage issues and also Alya’s favourite characters which was Doc McStuffins from Disney and they immediately agreed on embarking on this heart-warming project.

A staycation and tickets to Universal Studios were part of the wish journey, unfortunately Alya fell sick and had to be admitted into the hospital. The staycation was canceled, but the Universal Studio tickets were given to the family on the wish day. Thankfully, Alya was well enough to be discharged on the day of the room reveal. We prepared some food for the family and also balloons to welcome Alya home. Alya’s extended relatives were also present during the reveal day.

We truly enjoyed working on this wish with the team from Viviere Design Concept. Both Toni and his wife from Viviere Desgin bonded very well with the family and ensured that the renovating process was a smooth and safe one, with Alya’s condition as their first priority. We are truly thankful for their spontaneity in taking up this project and working within our budget.

This wish was adopted and funded by GovTech.

I wish to have a room makeover

- Alya
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