• I wish to be a gamer and raise funds through livestream to donate to Make-A-Wish & NKF

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Shakeel's Wish

“I wish to be a gamer and raise funds through livestream to donate to Make-A-Wish & NKF”

Shakeel was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease and he has received a kidney transplant in August. To keep his spirits up during his recovery, Shakeel's friends introduced him to Apex Legends, an online multiplayer game.

When the wish granters first visited Shakeel, he was a very shy teenager and after several visits, the wish granters managed to nail down his likes and what he could achieve through his wish. As an avid e-gaming fan and being a kind and grateful boy, Shakeel was very thankful for all the help and care he has received. As such, he selflessly wished to be a gamer so that he could raise funds through livestream and donate back to Make-A-Wish Singapore and National Kidney Foundation. Shakeel wanted to help other wish children like himself to reignite their sense of hope and imagination, and give them additional strength to battle their illnesses.

"The streamers I watch are Ninja and Shroud, once they became famous, they started giving back and that's what I like about them. It inspired me to do the same as well," said Shakeel.

Working together with Sin Esport, we planned for a livestream where he would play his favourite game, Apex Legends alongside with Singapore’s top streamers and pro-gamers of the game, Glennda and Rigg, and called for people to tune in and donate.

Leading up to his wish, Shakeel shared his creative input in designing a poster for his wish day which was distributed at various touch-points such as Make-A-Wish’s Santa Run for Wishes. As part of his wish anticipation, a series of media interviews were arranged for Shakeel to share his wish with the public.

Finally, his wish day arrived and Shakeel could not contain his excitement. Together with Glennda and Rigg, they formed a team of three and had a 4-hour long livestream, which raised a total of $1,040. All proceeds from Shakeel’s livestream went to Make-A-Wish Singapore and National Kidney Foundation. At the end of the day, Shakeel was surprised when he found out that he got to bring home the computer that he played on and a Secretlab chair. Shakeel felt that the wish is a very good start for him to continue doing more livestream in the future.

Shakeel’s wish helped build his confidence and communications skills as he interacts with the media, streamers and public during his livestream. Having his most heartfelt wish granted, it left Shakeel with the biggest smile and an experience he will forever treasure.

Big thank you to Nvidia for adopting Shakeel’s wish, and special thanks to Sin Esports, Mansa Computers, his two teammates - Glennda and Rigg, and all the donors for making his wish come true!

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