• I wish to visit Mount Fuji and Legoland Japan!

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Faiz's Wish

“I wish to visit Mount Fuji and Legoland Japan!”

Faiz’s love for science, lego and Minecraft has led him to Japan to climb Mount Fuji and visit Legoland. His wish was inspired by his favourite game, Minecraft, where the players collect magma rocks, so it was no surprise when Faiz wanted to go to Mount Fuji and see magma rocks!

Leading up to his trip, a geologist from Nanyang Technological University was invited to his house to teach Faiz to make his own volcano. Faiz was so stoked for the exciting hands-on experience and learn about the amazing power of these geological formations.

On his first day in Japan, Faiz and his family went on a private tour to Mount Fuji where he learned all about Japan’s highest mountain as well as the history and local culture. His favourite part of the tour is where he had the chance to put on the traditional Samurai outfit!

After his visit to Mount Fuji, Faiz and his family took the Shinkansen to Nagoya where they spent two nights in Legoland. Faiz adored his Lego-themed bedroom in Legoland which came with bunk bed and Lego blocks for him to play. He was also able to spend quality time with his family at the Legoland Theme Park and Sealife Nagoya.

When Faiz returned to Singapore, he was so excited to share about his incredible experience (and all the Japanese food) with his friends. Now when Faiz talks about his future adventures, he will always tell people he wants to return to the place where his wish came true.

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