• I wish to have my own activity chair

  • All ready for a party

  • In her new Activity Chair

  • Happy Wish Day Grace

  • Snow White in the making

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Grace's Wish – Granted on 03 Oct 2016

“I wish to have my own activity chair”

Despite having refractory epilepsy and cerebral palsy, Grace, a friendly and affable nine-year-old is non-verbal and can only communicate her “yes or no” through cards. She also indicates her liking for something by smiling and pointing at her heart. Her wish is for an activity chair that will provide her much more comfort while playing and help correct her posture.

Like any girl her age, she adores Snow White and the various Disney Princess characters, and enjoys spending time with her friends. To make her wish day extra special in the company of teachers and beloved classmates, we threw a Snow White themed party at her school to coincide with the delivery of her activity chair.

The Wish Day begun with Grace donning her favourite Snow White costume and being led into the colourful balloons lled classroom. Upon entering, Grace’s expression lit up when she saw a tall Snow White helium balloon and many of her favourite goodies prepared, especially for her. A balloon sculptor was also hired to craft balloons into magical Disney characters and Princesses for Grace and her friends. Thrilled with the custom- made Disney Princesses cake, Grace could not stop smiling and pointed at her heart as a gesture of affection.

To capture Grace’s beaming smiles, her family and friends could barely stop taking photos of the exuberant scene. Before the party ended, Grace had one last surprise – presents, to complement her activity chair and various other pretty gifts. One of the best moments came when Grace’s mother mentioned how much Grace and the family enjoyed themselves and that they would never forget this memorable wish event.

I wish to have a head-controlled wheelchair

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I wish to have my own activity chair

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