• I wish to go to Korea!

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Dhiyaa's Wish

“I wish to go to Korea!”

Dhiyaa is a simple and sweet 15-year-old girl from a tight-knitted family. Having been studying at a boarding school far away from her family before her diagnosis, it came as no surprise that Dhiyaa’s wish involves one with her family- which is to go on a special holiday with them. After some contemplation, Korea became her choice of destination as she wanted to experience cold weather for the very first time.

Prior to that, we came up with ways to get her anticipated for the trip- by allowing her to sample a sumptuous treat of Korean cuisine and bringing her for winter clothes shopping. Dhiyaa was also gifted with a journal for her to start penning down her thoughts of the journey that she will be embarking on, which she immediately started working on!

Dhiyaa’s wish trip brought her to the Buk Chon Hanok village and Gyeongbokhung Palace where she and her family got the opportunity to put on the traditional hanbok- something she had been looking forward to do! Dhiyaa also got the chance to visit Nami Island, a strawberry farm as well as the fun-filled amusement park, Lotte World.

Dhiyaa’s patience in anticipating for her wish paid off, as it turned out to be a meaningful trip in which she not only had her wish of experiencing the cold weather fulfilled, but also spent meaningful quality time with her family. This will be a memory which Dhiyaa will never forget!

I wish to go to Korea!

- Dhiyaa
Age 15, brain tumour

I wish for a day out

- Shane
Age 4, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

I wish to have a video magnifier to help me study!

- Ewe-Hsuen
Age 15, Loeys-Dietz syndrome

I wish to meet Queen Elsa

- Si Xuan
Age 6, biliary atresia