Jue Ming’s Wish

“I wish for a Harry Potter-themed party!”

Jue Ming’s


Jue Ming is a precocious and bright boy who is a huge Harry Potter fan and recently turned ten. He lives with severe haemophilia B, a genetic disorder of the blood, global developmental delay and Asperger’s. None of these medical diagnoses affects his positive outlook and an easy-going attitude. He is just as chatty and curious as peers his age. Our wish granters found out that Jue Ming would love a Harry Potter-themed party to celebrate his 10th birthday with friends and family.

A lot of work and effort was put into planning the big day, and Jue Ming was heavily involved in this process. He was specific about his party décor, food and set up, giving clear guidelines. He even filmed a party invitation to send to his guests instead of a conventional invitation card. We also surprised Jue Ming with a pre-birthday dinner at Platform 1094, the first and only Harry Potter-themed café in Singapore!

Apart from dressing up in wizarding robes and hats, Jue Ming was treated to some delicious food at this magical café and gifted an exclusive magic wand by the staff, who were simply enthralled by this ball of light. By the end of the night, we were all too full for dessert, so Jue Ming took home a chocolate “Snitch” cake to enjoy and was all hyped up for his birthday party!

On the 23rd of June, Jue Ming’s wizarding party was live streamed on Facebook from Siloso Beach. Props were rented, a piñata stuffed full of sweets, and a wickedly cool cake were the centre-pieces of this great party.

We hope you have unforgettable memories and photographs to take away from this day, Jue Ming and once again, happy 10th birthday!

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