Casper’s Wish

I wish to be a LEGO master!



When the wish granters first conducted a Zoom call with Casper, he was excited to show his LEGO collections and shared that he loves building different types of vehicles. He also mentioned that he loves yachts but has not tried building a LEGO yacht before, so what better way for Casper to continue his love for LEGO and yacht than to become a LEGO Master and build one!

As part of his wish anticipation, Casper was provided with a few baseplates with road markings and various LEGO accessories where he can build a mini LEGO city with his collection of LEGO vehicles. Along the build journey, Casper had to take photos of various build accomplishments to “unlock” his visit with the LEGO master!

On his wish day, Casper and his family spent half a day at the LEGO workshop where he met with the LEGO master, Jeffrey, who came to do a special building session with him. But before they began, Casper toured around the workshop and got to look at (and touch!) the various LEGO builds done by Jeffrey and had a free pass to ask as many questions as he wanted! Casper also had the chance to check out Jeffrey’s personal workspace where he opened up drawers of LEGO and taught him some building tricks and brick allocations used by LEGO Masters.

Right after Casper was done touring the place, he sat down with Jeffrey to have a hands-on session where they built a yacht together! The yacht design was customised by Jeffrey based on Casper’s favourite yacht styles. After they were done building, Jeffrey presented Casper with his own Master Builder certificate! Just as Casper thought the day was coming to an end, the wish granters brought in a LEGO-themed cake and some light finger food for the family to celebrate this special day. Being able to meet the LEGO Master and visiting his workshop was one of the happiest moments of Casper’s life. A wish-come-true for wish kids like Casper, provides them with strength to battle through their illnesses and hope for healthier, happier days ahead.

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