Elise’s Wish

I wish to be a Zookeeper!



Elise is a brave young girl living with retinoblastoma. After knowing Elise for more than a year, it was evident that Elise has a big love for animals, so it was no surprise that she wished to be a zookeeper.

A week before her wish day, Elise went to a local animal shelter, Animal Lovers League, where she was introduced to the dogs and cats in the shelter and even had the chance to bring a couple of dogs for walks together! She was especially interested in the way the dogs and cats were cared for in the shelter and she had such a blast that she didn’t want the visit to end.

Elise’s wish day started off with a picnic with her family at Elephants of Asia in Singapore Zoo. After filling her tummy with her favourite pizza, cupcakes and milo, it was time for her to visit the animals! Before she started her one-day Zoo adventure, she received her zookeeper vest from her friendly guide, Sean!

Elise felt like a real zookeeper for the day and even saw her favourite tigers and visited the RepTopia and Farmyard animals where she had the chance to get up close and personal with the animals! Her wish day ended with a cosy and lovely dinner at Ocean Restaurant with the marine animals and a two-tiered cake decorated with all her favourite animals and a unicorn!

When Elise shares stories about her wish, she gleams with happiness telling all the exciting details of her encounters she had up close with the different types of animals. When a wish is granted, it does more than bring joy to a child’s heart. For wish kids like Elise, a wish-come-true provides them with strength to battle through darkness and uplift their families and community around them.

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