Hayes Kerr’s Wish

“I wish to go on a Harry Potter adventure in London”

Hayes kerr’s


Any true Potterhead would love to experience all Harry Potter related adventures – and that was exactly what 14-year-old Potterhead, Hayes Kerr, wished for! Hayes Kerr and his wish granters discussed on his ideal Harry Potter adventures, which naturally took place in London.

When Hayes Kerr and his family arrived in London, they got transported to a world of magic and marvel as they headed straight to the Wizard Chambers at Georgian House where Hayes Kerr and his family got to spend the night in a Hogwarts-style dorm just like Harry’s. Tucked away in the picturesque streets of central London, the place features stained glass windows, stone walls, cauldrons and curious artefacts for that ultimate Harry Potter experience.

Hayes Kerr and his family visited the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour where they had a self-guided tour to see a replica of the Knight Bus and the actual exterior sets and props such as the Knight Bus, Privet Drive and the Hogwarts Bridge. Hayes Kerr also tried the famous, frothy Butterbeer – a non-alcoholic beverage reminiscent of shortbread and butterscotch – for the first time!

They went on a private Muggle tour to explore London film locations and inspirations for the books with props, trivia and fun behind-the-scenes stories. One of Hayes Kerr’s favourite moments is visiting the famous Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station and snap a photo Harry Potter-style!

As a Potterhead, Hayes Kerr could not miss out on watching the highly anticipated, first Potter play – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Parts I & II) on the last day of his Harry Potter adventure.

“It was a memorable, entertaining and truly magical experience! This is everything any true Potterhead would want,” Hayes Kerr said. “I have learned so much about the Wizarding world that J.K. Rowling has created. I felt that I’ve been transported there by Floo Powder!”

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