“Alasdair’s Wish”

I wish to go to Legoland Japan to ride on Cargo-Ace and Legocars!



Alasdair is a shy boy but if there is one thing which will get him all excited and energetic, it is Legoland! His love for Lego toys and Legoland stemmed from watching YouTube videos reviewing the various Lego toys and trips to Legoland. Alasdair is also passionate about cars and automation, after being influenced by his older brother.

Hence, when it came to deciding on a wish, Alasdair knew right away what he wanted – to visit Legoland and ride on the “flying car ride” Cargo-Ace. While anticipating the trip to Legoland Japan with his family, Alasdair was surprised with a large brick red box filled with goodies to prepare him for his trip. He had to solve puzzles and obtain the code to open his box, which contained Lego toys of iconic Japan landmarks as well as his Legoland Japan ticket!

The moment Alasdair and his family touched down in Nagoya, Alasdair could barely contain his excitement for the trip. He spent two fun-filled days at Legoland Japan, where he explored the different zones and most importantly, took a ride which he had been anticipating the most- the Cargo-Ace!

On their last day, Alasdair also had the opportunity to go on a half-day tour, learning about Nagoya’s history and culture. To complete his tour, the private tour guide brought Alasdair and his family to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, where Alasdair was able to learn more about the history and technology of cars and automation.

Alasdair has definitely opened up throughout his entire wish journey and it was indeed a trip to remember!

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