aaffan’s wish


I wish to have a Finding Dory themed room!



Aaffan is a huge fan of Finding Dory – seeing Dory greatly cheers him up and he often says “Hi, Dory!” whenever he sees the character. As Aaffan’s condition is triggered by heat, his parents wished for him to have an air-conditioned Finding Dory themed room where he can safely learn and play in with lesser susceptibility to seizure attacks.

While Aaffan was away for surgery, the air-conditioning was first installed in his room so that he could recuperate comfortably and safely at home. At the same time, Aaffan’s family received new gadgets in anticipation for his new room! A home camera was sent over so that Aaffan’s parents can monitor him from any location and he also received an air purifier to keep his room fresh and germ-free.

Over the September holidays, Aaffan’s family was treated to a hotel staycation at Village Hotel Bugis while the Red Spade team worked to makeover his room.

The family had a wonderful time enjoying the hotel facilities and breakfast. They also took the opportunity to buy new toys for Aaffan!

On the day of the room reveal, Aaffan’s room was decorated with Finding Dory-themed items, such as blue balloons, a Finding Dory cake and Finding Dory merchandise from Disney! Aaffan and his brother were absolutely enthralled and thrilled when they entered the room – Aaffan even went to each wall to touch Dory, as if he was giving Dory a high-five! Aaffan and his family spent the rest of the afternoon in their new room playing with their toys, taking photos and watching Aaffan’s favourite movie, Finding Dory. Aaffan’s new Finding Dory-themed room would definitely be a safe, comfortable and happy space for Aaffan and his brother to play, learn and grow up in for many years to come!

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