Kayla’s wish

I wish to have a Frozen themed staycation!



When we first met Kayla back in July 2019, she was a shy girl who was at the end of her treatment processes. During her treatment, Disney’s Frozen movies were something she turned to as she could relate to Elsa’s story. Over the course of knowing Kayla, she has started to be more confident in sharing her thoughts and ideas with her wish granters. Her initial wish was to travel to Disneyland Florida with her grandmother to meet Elsa, but due to the pandemic, she shared that she would like to have a Frozen themed staycation instead.

A week leading up to her wish day, Kayla received an official Arendale letter to invite her to the staycation. She also received several Olaf puzzle pieces, which she’ll have to put together for the photo wall when she arrives at her staycation.

On her wish day, Kayla received the final piece of the Olaf puzzle at the check-in and she couldn’t wait to put Olaf together for the photo wall set up in her room. After building the snowman, Kayla proceeded to the next activity, which is to make the Arendale flag as the final touch to her photo wall. Kayla also enjoyed mini activities such as pool games and treasure hunt during her two-day staycation and movie screening of Frozen 1 and 2.

The wish granters arrange for a surprise Frozen-themed photoshoot for Kayla and her family on the second day of her staycation too! She enjoyed a princess makeover where she was transformed into Elsa while her younger sister was turned into Anna, her younger brother dressed as Olaf and even her dog, Toby, was decked out as Sven!

As the second night of her staycation came close to an end, lo and behold, she received a surprise present and handwritten letter from Queen Elsa! Kayla was over the moon to receive the personalised letter from her favourite character. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Kayla and she had the chance to enjoy making new memories with her loved ones.

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