Ai Yun’s Wish

I wish to have a laptop to play Minecraft!

Ai Yun’s


Ai Yun is a cheerful and outgoing 11-year- old living with suprasellar tumour. She loves Minecraft, just like her brother! Her one true wish was to have her own Aftershock gaming laptop to play Minecraft.

Ai Yun’s wish journey began with a series of Minecraft boxes delivered to her home. She was to be given one box every other day to build up her anticipation to wish day.

She received these surprises joyfully each time – Minecraft keychain, Minecraft LEGO set, DIY eraser set, Minecraft plush toy, Minecraft sticker book and Minecraft mousepad. Ai Yun relentlessly asked her mum and grandmother when her Aftershock laptop would arrive.

On wish day, Ai Yun took delivery of a large surprise box. In it, she received the Aftershock laptop she has been waiting for. The same evening, she celebrated her wish day with her family with her favourite pizza meal and a customised Minecraft ice-cream cake. Ai Yun could not stop smiling from ear to ear!

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