Syabil’s Wish

“I wish to travel to Gold Coast with my family
to relive happy memories I had there as a kid!”



Syabil is a gregarious and imaginative boy who loves to spend time with his family. He has visited Gold Coast as a child but because he was too young, he could not enjoy all the rides in the amusement park. So for Syabil, his wish was clear, he wanted to visit Gold Coast to relive his childhood memories and enjoy all the rides that he previously couldn’t.

Syabil was closely involved in planning for his wish day and the full itinerary was planned just the way he wanted it to be. He took time out of his busy schedule to go through flight and stay alternatives and make suggestions to the wish granters. In addition, Syabil researched on the places he would like to visit and activities that he could enjoy with his family during the trip.

His wish started off with a pre-trip wish celebration at an Aussie themed restaurant with his family on Father’s Day. When his wish day arrived, Syabil and his family flew to Brisbane, where they headed straight to the Hilton Surfers’ Paradise for their 5-day stay. They explored the city and enjoyed various activities like a wild life sanctuary experience, whale watching and a visit to both Dreamworld and Movieworld.

“This trip is very relaxing and it’s been such an enjoyable experience for me and my family,” Syabil said. He was overjoyed that he was able to relive his childhood memories, spend quality time and explore Gold Coast with his favourite people.

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