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Sodiq's Wish – Granted on 02 Oct 2016

“I wish to have Liverpool FC room”

An outgoing and energetic eight-year-old, Sodiq has congenital hypoventilation syndrome, a breathing disorder which caused him to hyperventilate during sleep and relies on a ventilator to help him breathe at night.

Despite his condition, Sodiq loves playing football and is an ardent fan of Liverpool Football Club (LFC) and adore players like Luiz Suarez, Steven Gerrard and Sadio Mane for their skills. Fond of the club’s camaraderie, the sociable boy’s wish is to have a Liverpool-themed room makeover.

Armed with a detailed makeover plan in mind, Sodiq had a clear aesthetic vision of how he wanted his room to look–with a Liverpool logo, red walls and a study area to re ect LFC colors.

To his delight, Sodiq’s preferred decor materialized - with wallpapers simulating the Anfield stadium and an emblem of Liverpool plastered on the walls.

His wardrobe was re-furbished in bold red colors and a small study table was constructed for him.

To sweeten his surprise, an Xbox One containing the FIFA 17 game was presented to Sodiq on the same day that the refurbished room was revealed. In addition, other gifts include Liverpool merchandises, a scarf, a Xbox controller skin, a piggy bank and a mug - courtesy of the Premier Football Liverpool store. Thanks to the very kind owners and designers of Absolook Design Studio, the renovation was completed in a short time frame, bringing this challenging wish to a satisfactory fruition.

A party was organized for Sodiq on the day his “new room” was unveiled. It was deemed a “duo” celebration as he just turned eight, 2 days before. In the presence of his loving family, friends and relatives, the bubbly boy could not contain his excitement when he saw the exquisitely customized Liverpool-themed cake (sponsored by The Patissier) and squealed with exhilaration when he saw how his “wish room” came true.

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