• I wish to watch the Korean band BTS live

  • Atirah and her friend (Atirah is the one in white!)

  • Atirah with her lovely wish granters!

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Atirah's Wish – Granted on 04 Aug 2017

“I wish to watch the Korean band BTS live”

Atirah was too shy to say it, but we knew from our first visit that her wish would be related to Korea. All it took was a stroke of luck (our wish granters are fans of K-culture) and asking the right questions for Atirah to reveal her wish to watch her favourite Korean band, BTS, perform live in front of her. They were here at a concert (MUSIC BANK) in Singapore on Aug 2017.

Tickets were sold out before her wish capture, and Atirah was disappointed thinking that she would have to come up with an alternative wish – to go to Korea. She’d rather attend the concert in Singapore with her childhood best friend; the one who introduced her to K-pop music than to travel overseas.
Through personal contacts and reliable sources, we found two tickets to the best seats (Category 1) in the house and announced the good news to Atirah only two days before the concert.

Leading up to the big day, she received a bag full of BTS merchandise and a ‘concert-ready kit’ filled with flashlights and personalised fans. During the concert, Atirah texted us lyrics from the songs, telling us how much fun she was having. A few weeks after the concert, Atirah received an autographed photobook from BTS in her mailbox. The item which has been personally signed by all members of her favourite band, has turned into an item of personal value and cherished keepsake.

Atirah is not the shy girl we first met back in May 2017, she is more cheerful than before and is not afraid to text us, saying ““i want to cry alrd daz scute “ (I want to cry already, that’s so cute) when she received the photobook surprise.

Atirah was referred to Make-A-Wish by KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

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