• I wish to be a baker

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Bryan's Wish – Granted on 13 Jun 2017

“I wish to be a baker”

Despite his condition and being so young, Bryan has already taken a keen interest in cooking. He has many toys of pots and pans, and enjoys watching his grandmother and mother cook in the kitchen. Sometimes, they would allow him to hold the actual equipment which gets him very excited.

Being an incredibly shy boy, we were initially warned that it may be difficult to interact with him. But after an hour of “making” fruit pies with him, he revealed his one true wish of becoming a baker to bake cakes and breads!
As a lead-up to Bryan’s wish day, we first arranged for a shopping spree at Bake- It-Yourself and for the first time, even for his parents, Bryan became so excited with all the kitchen equipment and kept chatting and saying he wanted to bake “now!”.

His wish day was held at NOM Bistro and Bakery Café with his closest friends and relatives. Bryan got to make nitrogen ice-cream and cupcakes decked out in lots of sprinkles! He had so much fun stirring ingredients and putting toppings and decorations and serving them to his guests. He was a real natural in the kitchen!

Bryan was referred to Make-A-Wish by NUH.

Bryan’s wish was adopted by Stamford American International School.

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