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Tisya's Wish – Granted on 30 Apr 2016

“I wish to be a performer”

Despite being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Tisya is an extremely bubbly, cheerful 4-year-old girl who loves everything related to princesses and “My Little Pony”.

And more than anything else, she enjoys being at the centre of attention! When Tisya missed her playschool performance during her hospitalization, she made her one true wish to become a stage performer.

On her Wish Day, an excited Tisya arrived at Furama Hotel with her family. They were ushered to a magical ballroom decorated with ponies with ‘My Little Pony’ songs being played in the background. Her pretty eyes lit up when she saw her beautiful Rainbow Dash dress, after which she was whisked away for a professional styling session complete with a manicure. Needless to say, she had a colourful rainbow wig to match her lovely dress!

Happy Tisya and her friends were led by experienced Teacher Shelley in their performance rehearsal. Tisya was so elated to be able to dance along to her favourite songs that she gamely followed all of Teacher Shelley's moves with enthusiasm! Soon, it was time for Tisya’s grand performance and she bravely marched onto stage with the audience cheering loudly for her. Teacher Shelley was so impressed that she awarded an ‘Oscar’ to each performer, with the biggest award going to an overjoyed Tisya.

I wish to have an art jamming session

- Chevelle
Age 7, thalassemia major

I wish to have a fun day out

- Hazrie
Age 8, end stage renal failure

I wish to visit New York!

- Sunny
Age 9, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

I wish to be a gamer and raise funds through livestream to donate to Make-A-Wish & NKF

- Shakeel
Age 15, end-stage renal disease