• I wish to pilot a plane in a simulator

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Xi Cheng's Wish – Granted on 24 Nov 2016

“I wish to pilot a plane in a simulator”

Xi Cheng is a bright and creative nine-year old boy who loves planes. Cockpits, flight simulators, internal structures-all of it! He can draw intricate structures of airplanes simply based on memory!

The big wish reveal day was planned but in the time leading up to that day, we wanted to prepare Xi Cheng for his big flight, so we got him an invitation to the Temasek Aviation Academy. Xi Cheng got to ease his worries about piloting as he got to test TAA's newest private jet simulator. He also got to see other planes and jets up close, design his own plane and show off his sketching skills!

Singapore Airline's PPS club graciously gave Xi Cheng and his family a warm welcome on his Wish Day at the Singapore Airlines Sports Club. He was presented by SIA pilots the full pilot uniform, customised to his size and also genuine pilot wings! This signifies his qualification to fly and gave Xi Cheng a Captain rank, a position other junior pilots take almost 8 years to achieve! He was also gifted SIA memorabilia, including a special edition SG50 SIA A380 scaled model and a blown-up Boeing 777 map of the cockpit.

Finally, after the standard security and safety briefing, a lesson on emergency evacuation and a tour around the SIA Heritage Hall, Xi Chen got to step into the Boeing 777 simulator and realise his pilot wish!

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