• I wish to go to Korea

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Anthony's Wish – Granted on 04 Jun 2018

“I wish to go to Korea”

Anthony is a bright and cheery 16-year-old boy who wished to go to Korea. He and his brother both live with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a condition that causes progressive muscle degeneration and weakness over time. Both of them are wheelchair-bound so it is no easy feat for them to travel but we heard that the two brothers love going on family holidays and were determined to them an unforgettable one!

In the lead up to their day of departure from Singapore, one of our volunteers invited the boys and their parents over for a home-cooked Korean dinner. She also taught the boys simple conversational phrases they could use while in Korea. It was a wonderful evening filled with laughter, food and music.

The family was warmly received at Incheon international airport upon arrival by their very own private guide from Korea Wheelchair Tour, an amazing partner of Make-A-Wish Singapore that made the arrangements for wheelchair-friendly access to attractions, transport and accommodation. The packed itinerary included trips to Lotte World, Seoul Tower, Grand Park Zoo and many museums. Getting around the city comfortably and conveniently was a top-priority and our partners managed this effortlessly. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their few days in Korea and had many memorable moments that would last a lifetime to take away.

Thank you for sharing your wish with us, Anthony! It was such an enjoyable journey with you from wish capture to realization.

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