• I wish to go to Disneyland to meet the Disney princesses

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Asfa's Wish – Granted on 02 Nov 2018

“I wish to go to Disneyland to meet the Disney princesses”

For a girl who's bravely handled leukemia at a young age, visiting Disneyland meant the world to 4 year-old Asfa. What’s more, her wish took her all the way to Hong Kong, where she also got to visit Ocean Park. “The Ocean Park tour was really a VIP experience! We are speechless at the treatment given to us,” enthused her mum.

At Disneyland, Asfa and her family soaked up every bit of Disney magic, and met every princess Asfa ever dreamed of meeting. The highlight was a princess makeover where Asfa got to be Princess Elsa for a day!

Before the trip, Asfa's wish granters gave her a "7 more days" balloon surprise to keep her excited. Her wish anticipation also included counting down every day with her mom, as well as packing and choosing her daily outfits for the trip.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Singapore Airlines, Airbnb, Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park for going the extra mile in making the wish such a memorable one for Asfa, and illustrating again the difference people can make by working together. And a special thanks to Atomy Singapore for sharing our vision. You have not only made a little girl's wish come true but also created a wonderful memory for her entire family to cherish!

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