• I wish to have a Star Wars themed party!

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Hiro's Wish

“I wish to have a Star Wars themed party!”

Hiro is an extremely active, bubbly, and enthusiastic 9-year-old boy who loves keeping up with the
latest superhero action movies. Catching action movies is an activity Hiro enjoys with his father, and together, they have finished all the movies in the Star Wars franchise. It came as no surprise that his wish was to have a Star Wars themed birthday party. Hiro's birthday is of special significance to him and his family as he was diagnosed with cancer on his third birthday.

Our wish granters gave Hiro an advent calendar containing mini activities and fun surprises to
build up the anticipation leading up to his wish day. For two weeks leading up to his Wish Day,
Hiro helped to prepare party invites for his friends, wrote a small thank-you speech for his friends, and enjoyed little Star Wars gifts contained in the calendar. Hiro’s mother, Naoko, shared that she no longer had difficulty waking Hiro up for school in the morning, as he would get up excitedly each morning to open the next day’s surprise in the advent calendar!

Hiro’s Wish Day began at SuperPark with a special video made for him by the SuperPark team, where they asked Jedi Hiro to go through various ‘obstacles’ in SuperPark to come rescue them. Hiro and friends played several station games which Hiro enthusiastically participated in and also won in all of them! Before his cake cutting, Hiro spent some time alone with the Storm Troopers, where he had a mock fight with them before proceeding to surprise his friends alongside the Storm Troopers. Dr. Sally and Naoko also shared at the party on the significance of Hiro’s birthday and how strong he was, to have beaten cancer.

I wish to go to Disneyland to meet the Disney princesses

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