• I wish for a motorised wheelchair!

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Xing Yi's Wish – Granted on 10 Mar 2019

“I wish for a motorised wheelchair!”

5-year-old Xing Yi was really quiet and shy so we had to engage her through drawing and joint art making. We were slowly able to discover what Xing Yi wanted. Thinking hard between a safari-themed room or a motorised wheelchair, Xing Yi whispered a ‘yes’ to the wheelchair option. She later told us that she wanted a wheelchair with compartments around it so she can carry her toys and art materials around with her.

Xing Yi was carefully fitted for a motorised wheelchair by a physiotherapist – it was essential to provide the right support to slow down any postural decline.

At the same time as Xing Yi also showed liking for animals, we planned for the wish delivery party to be at the Singapore Zoo. Xing Yi was sent art materials and a sketchbook in the lead up to her wish day – all to get her prepared to make art and capture her zoo experience.

In her new motorised wheelchair, Xing Yi along with her parents, two cousins and grandparents zipped down to the zoo where they were brought on a special VIP tour. Not only did Xing Yi get to race around in her new wheelchair, she also got to meet all her favourite furry animals.

Special thanks to The Tanglin Club for making this possible!

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