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Sunny's wish

“I wish to visit New York!”



Two years ago, Sunny was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. He had to miss school for one year to go for his treatments. Sunny kept busy and passed his time during his long stay at the hospital with his favourite PlayStation 4 game – LEGO Marvel Avengers. It was the topic which drew a positive response and smile as it acted as an anchor through Sunny’s health obstacles.

He eventually became very fascinated with the idea of what the real New York looked like and wanted to go to the same places the superheroes travelled to in the game. He was thrilled when he found out that his wish to visit New York would become a reality. Before Sunny travelled to New York, he was presented with a few LEGO sets with missing key characters and he had to complete eight missions in New York to rescue them.

To prepare for his mission, Sunny designed his own logo and created his superhero identity – Captain Universe. With his new superhero t-shirt and identity in place, Captain Universe was ready to save the day!

With the help of Make-A-Wish Metro New York, Singapore Airlines, LEGO and Marvel, Captain Universe flew to New York to rescue the missing superheroes.

Secret agents were stationed at eight different locations – Grand Central Station, Central Park, Marvel HQ, LEGO Store @ Rockefeller, Times Square, Liberty Island, Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building – waiting for Sunny with his missions.

The missions closely followed his favourite LEGO Marvel Avengers game so he was constantly drawing parallels between the game and what was in front of him. “I feel very happy that I’ve been to every place in my game,” exclaimed Sunny. His favourite part of the trip was visiting Central Park, Umpire Rock in Central Park, and the LEGO Store @ Rockefeller.

“Through this experience, Sunny has become more confident and it has helped to build a stronger bond with his brother,” said Karen, Sunny’s mother. Sunny’s wish trip brought the family closer as they had the chance to spend more quality time together. It has created unforgettable memories for him and his family. “It is very satisfying to see him so carefree and enjoying himself. As parents, we’re very happy when he’s happy,” Karen said. “This is a priceless experience for us!”


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