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Si Xuan's wish

“I wish to meet Queen Elsa”

Si Xuan's


There’s nothing like watching your favourite movie and wishing you could be part of the world you see on the screen. For Si Xuan, her imagination wandered to a place of fairy tales and adventures in a land called Arendelle, the central location of her favourite movie, Frozen. As an avid Frozen fan, Si Xuan was so excited to tell the wish granters all about Queen Elsa during the visits, so when we asked her what her one true wish would be, Si Xuan said she wanted to meet Queen Elsa, her favourite Frozen character.

Working closely with Disney, Toys“R”Us and Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, a series of events were organised to build up the anticipation leading to her wish day and create lasting memories for Si Xuan.

First off, we surprised Si Xuan on her 6th birthday with a Frozen-themed birthday cake, Elsa & Anna plush dolls and an invite to a private shopping spree at Toys“R”Us where she picked her favourite Frozen toys. At the end of the toy spree, Si Xuan was presented with exclusive tickets to the movie premiere of Frozen 2 and a Queen Elsa dress for a royal ensemble on her wish day.

At the Frozen 2 world premiere, Si Xuan was all decked out in the Queen Elsa dress and strutted down the theatres with her family and best friend. After the movie, Si Xuan received an invite to meet Queen Elsa on her wish day at Changi Airport, which also includes a one-night staycation at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport.

As soon as Si Xuan arrived at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport on her wish day, she was given the star treatment. The team at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport warmly welcomed Si Xuan and her family by greeting them at the hotel lobby.

They were then brought to their hotel room, which was specially decorated with Frozen-themed décor and balloons. With the help of a professional make-up artist, Si Xuan was transformed into little Queen Elsa, complete with Elsa’s signature braided hair and Frozen-themed face paint before she put on the Queen Elsa dress and matching shoes.

After her royal transformation, she was brought to Changi Airport Terminal 3 to meet Queen Elsa. Si Xuan was overwhelmed with joy when she saw Queen Elsa and they enjoyed a private conversation that lasted for about 10 minutes before moving on to meet Princess Anna and Olaf. Si Xuan and her family was treated to a nice buffet dinner at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport and a Frozen-themed chocolate cake created specially by Crowne Plaza Changi Airport’s pastry chef.

Before Si Xuan head to bed that night, the wish granters went to her room to deliver a special video message from Princess Anna and Olaf. When the video ended, Si Xuan’s doorbell rang and, lo and behold, Queen Elsa showed up! Si Xuan was so astonished at the sight of Queen Elsa and they spent the rest of the night chatting, playing and colouring.

For Si Xuan, it was a powerful and life-changing experience to be able to meet with her favourite character, which inspired her to keep believing in her dreams. More than just bringing momentary happiness, her wish gives her the strength and revitalised her with hope and joy.

Thank you Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, Disney and Toys“R”Us for going the extra mile and creating such a wonderful experience for Si Xuan and her loved ones!


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